We are Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts!


Centrally located in Santa Rosa, the Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts is a public charter school serving kindergarten through eighth grade. Our commitment to arts integration, academic rigor, and a collaborative spirit make for a positive and rich environment that students, staff, and families appreciate.


Our Vision

Cultivate Creativity & Nurture Empathy


Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts is a collaborative school community that is changing education by providing an academically rigorous program using an arts-integrated approach. All members cultivate creativity and empathy while embracing challenges to engage and develop the whole child in a safe environment.



Foster a Love of Learning & Make a Difference


Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts provides Kindergarten through 8th grade students from the Santa Rosa community and beyond with an innovative, high quality education that focuses on the arts through a challenging, integrated, standards-based academic program.

Our school’s ultimate goal? To instill a lifetime appreciation of learning through the lens of the visual and performing arts to develop committed, confident individuals, ready to make positive contributions to the community at large.