At Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts, Middle School is comprised of 120 students. Each student has a homeroom teacher and is taught Math, English, History, and Science by teachers who specialize in each subject. 
For middle school success, students take responsibility for their learning progression. We encourage parents to help students build self-motivation and develop good study habits such as promptly doing homework, studying for tests/quizzes, taking notes during class, and continuously reviewing course material. 

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SRCSA math classes follow the curriculum adopted by Santa Rosa City Schools for 6th-10th graders called College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM).  Math classes are structured to actively involve every student in the skills, conceptual understanding, and problem solving strategies.  Each lesson has a mathematical objective and focuses on one or more of the mathematical practices.  For more information about the design of the courses, parent guides, homework assistance and more, go to



With access to a variety of resources, students read and discuss novels, short stories, poetry, non-fiction articles and essays. Classes incorporate writer’s workshops by genre, project based learning using technology to research and make presentations, real world learning projects, field trips, and arts integration projects.



Our standards-based History program features interactive project-based learning.  Beyond research projects and other formal assessments, the program incorporates visual and performing arts to inspire student learning and creativity.  Learning is supplemented with a combination of texts, stories, and a variety of  online resources.  
Sixth Grade
Ancient Civilizations including early man, the first city/states, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece
Seventh Grade
Greece, Rome (rise and fall) through early European history focusing on the Reformation and the Renaissance.
Eighth Grade
U.S. History from the early settlers through present with a special focus on current events.



Adopted by Santa Rosa City Schools district in 2016, we use the Middle School California Integrated Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The curriculum covers Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, and Engineering in each grade level. With NGSS, new learning pathways and titles have been established. 

Learning  opportunities include labs and hands-on activities, projects, reports,presentations and classwork. Students maintain an interactive science journal from the first day of school to the last. This journal becomes an organized portfolio of student work, class notes, and reflections. 

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Maker education are
incorporated into many lessons and activities. Maker education focuses on solving a problem
through collaboration, creativity, engineering, and the arts.

Middle School students learn how to be stewards or their community’s natural resources through engaging, hands-on studies such as Steelhead in the Classroom (SITC) and creek clean-up projects. SITC is a program that allows students to raise and monitor steelhead trout in their classroom. Raising
steelhead helps students understand watershed science and issues facing endangered species.
Creek clean-ups are offered several times throughout the school year.