Class Placement Policy 2019-2020

One of the most important responsibilities of the school staff is to assign students to classes for the next year. The ultimate goal of student placement is that each child be placed in the best possible learning environment, taking into account academic achievement, work habits, interpersonal relationships, and general behavior in establishing balanced classes.

Placement Process

  1. The current teacher evaluates each student’s academic skills, work habits, behavior, leadership skills, etc. to be used by the placement team.

  2. Placement teams are established for each grade level. Each placement team includes all teachers from the present grade level, other staff members as appropriate, the special education teacher/s, and the principal.

  3. Based upon projected enrollment for the next school year, the placement team will use the information to make tentative class lists before the end of the school year. Parent/ Guardian input forms will be one of the many factors used in determining placement. The team’s overarching goal is to create a balanced and highly functional learning environment for each classroom, based on the skills, needs, and attributes of the students.

  4. Assignments will be finalized and students will be notified in writing about their assignments. Your child’s final report card with next year’s class assignment will be mailed home the second week of June. Please make sure your current address is on file with our main office.

  5. The principal will make the final approval for class placements.

Placement Criteria

  1. Classes should be balanced by gender and ethnicity.

  2. Classes should be balanced by academic abilities, leadership qualities, and other behaviors that promote student learning.

  3. Classes should contain students who have a positive influence on each other academically and socially.

  4. Classes should have an equal distribution of children with special needs or programs (Special Education, Enrichment, and English Language Learners). The placement team may consider clustering students in order to maximize resources.

  5. Whenever possible, students who have negative influence on each other should be placed in separate classes.

  6. Parent/ Guardian Input form information is considered.

Placement Appeals

A change of placement is very unlikely to occur. However, Parental appeals for change of placement, clearly indicating why the placement of the child is inappropriate, may be directed in writing to the principal. Please note that if classrooms are filled to capacity, we will not consider placement changes. Upon receipt of a written request for a change of placement, the principal will make the decision whether or not to initiate the following process:

  1. The principal will discuss the request with the parent(s) following the first month of school.

  2. The placement team will meet, evaluate the request, and make a recommendation.

  3. Based on the placement team recommendation, the principal will either: keep the original placement, determine a

  4. two-week trial period for the original placement with a plan to address concerns, or grant change of placement.

Nadia Talbot